no!no!™ Hair 8800 Model

Extra Control and Flexibility

The new no!no!™'s slimmer, sleeker design gives you more flexibility, making hard to reach, round and sensitive areas easier to treat. Plus, a status screen to keep you up-to-date and informed about the important things - like when to replace the Thermicon™ Tips and how much charge is left in the battery. And because some places are just more sensitive than others, the no!no!™ 8800 series has adjustable treatment levels. Now, no matter where you no!no!, you can no!no! in comfort.


And are you ready for this? You can use no!no!™ to treat facial hair. (That's right! FACIAL HAIR!). The no!no!™ 8800 series is compatible with the no!no!™ Kit for Small Areas. These narrow Thermicon™ Tips and buffers come in a special no!no!™ traveling case and enable you to confidently treat the face, knees, elbows and bikini line.

Cord-free Operation

This no!no!™ can go anywhere! A rechargeable battery frees no!no!™ from the cord (and the wall).

When you add it all together, there is only one choice for painless, at home hair removal that gives you long lasting results when maintained. With the no!no!™ 8800 series, hair removal is safe and effective for everyone - EVERYWHERE*.

*Do not use no!no!™ on the breasts or genitals.

How to no!no!