no!no!™ Smooth Skin Care

Reduce the rate of hair regrowth AND replenish your skin at the same time...

The feeling is luxurious. The scent is light and refreshing. The no!no!™ Smooth Skin Care Line treats your skin with a cleanser, moisturizer, serum and cream that help slow and reduce hair regrowth. Infused with minerals, vitamins and other natural ingredients, your skin will feel smooth and sensational as it comes alive with much needed moisturizers and nutrients.

Each product is formulated with Capislow™, direct from nature's bounty. An extract of the desert plant, the Larrea Divaricata, Capislow™ disrupts the process responsible for hair growth. Over time, the no!no!™ Smooth Skin Care will help reduce hair growth, density and overall hairiness. Plus, as an anti-inflammatory, It gives us the added boost of a protective soothing effect after most hair removal methods.

Keep skin soft, silky and oh so touchable - isn't that why we no!no!™ in the first place?