Positively no!no!™

no!no!™ is changing hair removal routines around the world by bringing home professional hair removal, like that used in spas, salons and clinics.

no!no!™ offers a solution to unwanted hair, answering the ever-growing demand for professional, pain-free hair removal that can be performed in the comfort and convenience of the home. no!no! instantly removes hair and stays away for weeks with no pain, no mess and no chemicals.

no!no! uses science, not magic, to get these great results. 

Based on Thermicon™ technology, no!no! uses heat to instantly remove and
crystalize the hair.

This makes it universally safe and effective for EVERYONE - no matter the 
skin type or hair color, including blond, grey and red hair!
Simply put, with no!no!™ there is:

  • No hair
  • No pain
  • No ingrown hairs
  • No chemicals
  • No mess
  • No stress

Choose your no!no!™ Hair

Because different people have different needs. no!no!™ Hair has 2 models, and they both work great for any hair or skin color.

Choose the one that's right for you.

no!no! Hair 8800
  • For full facial hair removal
  • For body hair
  • Multiple Treatment Levels
  • 2 Thermicon™ Tip Sizes - for narrow and wide areas
  • Thermicon™ Tip Status indicator
  • Cord-free Operation

Do not use on genitals or around the nipple area.

no!no!™ Hair Classic
  • For body hair only
  • 2 Types of Thermicon™ Tips - for long hair and stubble

Do not use on the face, genitals or around the nipple area

no!no!™ Hair Plus
  • For facial and body hair
  • Multiple Treatment Levels
  • Thermicon™ Tip Status indicator

Do not use on the upper lip, genitals or around the nipple area