no!no!™ Maintenance

The Life of a Thermicon™ Tip
Thermicon™ Tips are designed to last approximately 2-3 hours of realtime use. The actual life of a Thermicon™ Tip, however, depends on several factors among them; frequency of use, the area treated and the type of hair (fine or coarse).

Replace the Thermicon™ Tip:

  • if you notice that no!no!™ is not working as well as before
  • if the wire is damaged in any way
  • if the signal light turns red

Cleaning no!no!

To keep your no!no!™ clean, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth.
To keep the rollers clean, gently brush them with the cleaning brush as you would the Thermicon™ Tip.

Cleaning the Thermicon™ Tips

It is important to keep Thermicon™ Tips free of debris. Check and clean them periodically during each treatment session. Letting burnt hair debris build up in the Hot Blade may cause it to burn out too early or malfunction. To clean the Thermicon™ Tip, unplug or turn off your no!no!, remove the Thermicon™ Tip from its socket and gently brush it clean with the cleaning brush.