no!no!™ Hair Classic Model

It all started with this little no!no!™

In 2004, at-home hair removal was tedious, painful and messy. No matter what you tried - waxing (ouch), shaving (endless), depilatories (smelly!) - hair ALWAYS grew back.

And then came no!no!™ Hair Classic with revolutionary Thermicon™ technology. The no!no!™ Classic was the first at-home solution to deliver pain-free hair removal that allows you to go weeks without shaving. Finally, everyone around the world, no matter their gender, skin color or hair color, could discretely, safely and effectively treat themselves at home.

Imagine, for the first time ever, you could get rid of hair with...

  • No pain
  • No nicks
  • No cuts
  • No plucking
  • No pulling
  • No ingrown hair
  • No chemicals
  • No mess

Perfect for use on the arms, legs, back and chest, the original no!no!™ Hair Classic delivers totally pain-free hair removal with professional results.

*Do not use on the face, genitals or around the nipple area