How To Use no!no!

Using no!no!™ is easy and gets easier with time and practice. Follow these simple instructions, and you're on your way to becoming a no!no!™ expert.
For a more detailed explanation of how to use no!no!, please read the no!no!™ user manual.

no!no!™ is safe to use just about anywhere, but some places are more sensitive than others, like the bikini line. If this or any other area becomes uncomfortably warm, work on a different section for awhile. Don't go past the bikini line, the skin there is way too sensitive to no!no!

WARNING! Never use no!no!™ on the face, breasts or genitals.

Get ready

Get Set


  1. Make sure your skin is clean and dry.
  2. Install the right Thermicon™ Tip
  3. Thermicon™ Tip for long hair - 2-3 mm of growth
  4. Thermicon™ Tip for short hair and stubble - 1mm of growth
  5. Plug the power supply into the wall
  6. Plug the power supply into the no!no!™
  7. Push the power button into the On position
  • Hold no!no!™ at a 90° angle
  • Slow Glide no!no!™ in one direction, pulling towards your body with the signal light facing you.
  • Keep the green signal light steady! Adjust your speed as necessary.
  • Work on one section at a time
  • Keep your Thermicon™ Tip clean. Check it now and then and clean it if needed.
  • Buff between each section
  • If you started with the Thermicon™ Tip for long hair, switch to the Thermicon™ Tip for stubble before finishing a section.
  • Buff and apply a moisturizing lotion like no!no!™ Smooth.

The keys to success

1. Watch the Light

The signal light will guide you throughout your no!no!™ hair removal experience. It lets you know when you are working at the right speed and warns you if the Thermicon™ Tip is torn or missing. The signal light will not be active unless no!no!™ is in motion.

While gliding no!no!™ on the skin, the Signal Light should always be facing you. When working at the right speed, the light will be a steady green. If the light flickers or turns off, try adjusting your speed until the light remains a steady green as you glide.
If, at any time, the Signal Light turns red remove the Thermicon™ Tip and check it, if the wire is damaged - replace the Thermicon™ Tip. Never use a damaged Thermicon™ Tip.

2. Master the Slow Glide

Crucial to the treatment is the Slow Glide technique. To master it, hold no!no!™ at a 90° angle with the rollers flat against the skin. Then gently glide it over each section using a slow, smooth, even motion always pulling it towards your body. Continue to glide over the section you are treating until you feel it is smooth or nearly smooth. Remember: Always glide upwards toward your body in one direction only. And always at a gentle even pace.

3. Finesse the Buffer

To remove all signs of crystallization and to maximize smoothness, after you complete an area and before moving on to the next section, always use the Buffer. Buffing exfoliates the skin, removes treated hair and gives you an extra smooth surface.
To Buff; hold the Buffer flaps and using either a circular or back and forth motion, apply a strong rubbing action to the skin. Always keep Buffers on a clean, dry surface within easy reach whenever you no!no!

For Advanced Users

Because of curves and angles, rounded areas like elbows, knees, wrists, underarms and the bikini line require special care and experience. Once you have mastered the no!no!™ technique on your legs or forearms, and you are able to keep the signal light a steady green, you are ready to try no!no!™ on more difficult areas.
To work on rounded areas, go slowly and allow no!no!™ to follow the natural curve of the body. (for more information, see the training CD for examples on no!no!ing on rounded areas).