no!no!™ 8800 Maintenance

Taking care of your no!no!™ is easy. Just make sure you store it in a cool dry place, keep the Thermicon™ Tips and rollers clean and replace them when necessary.

Cleaning no!no!™
To keep your no!no!™ clean, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth.

nonoCleaning the Thermicon™ Tips
It is important to keep the Thermicon™ Tip free of hair debris. Allowing hair to build up may cause it to burn out prematurely or malfunction. Check and clean the tip periodically during each treatment session.

To clean the Thermicon™ Tip:

  1. Turn off your no!no!
  2. Remove the Thermicon™ Tip
  3. Gently brush clean.

nonoCleaning the Rollers
Although not necessary to the performance of no!no!, keeping the rollers clean is all part of proper maintenance. Use the cleaning brush to remove excess hair and debris from the rollers. Brush debris out and away from the socket in order to prevent any particles from falling into the socket.

If any hair or debris fall into the socket, this may cause no!no!™ to not function properly. Gently blow any particles out of the socket before beginning the next treatment.