FAQ for the no!no!™ 8800 Series

What do I do if the red light turns on during treatment?
The red light will turn on if you are not gliding properly. This is a built-in safeguard to ensure proper treatment. Turn the unit off and then back on. Now, begin treatment again, making sure you glide in one smooth, non-stop motion.

What is new about the no!no!™ 8800 series?
The no!no!™ 8800 series has several new features

    • Adjustable Treatment Level for a personalized, comfortable treatment.
    • Status Screen
      • Thermicon™ Tip status so you know exactly when to replace the Thermicon™ Tip.
      • Battery level status indicator.
    • Compatible with Thermicon™ Tips for Small & Sensitive Areas. These tips are designed for the safe and effective treatment of facial hair, knees, elbows, the bikini line and other curved and sensitive areas.
    • Rechargeable battery for cord-free operation
    • Slimmer size for a more comfortable grip.

Where can I use the new no!no!™ 8800 series?
You can use the new no!no!™ 8800 series everywhere except the genitals and around the nipple area. When treating the face, be sure to use the narrow Thermicon™ Tips.

What is the Kit for Small & Sensitive Areas?
This kit includes special Thermicon™ Tips and a small Buffer so you can treat facial hair, bikini lines, elbows, knees and underarms with extra comfort and safety.

The Kit for Small Areas can be used only with the no!no!™ 8800 series.

How do I treat the mustache area?
Use the narrow tips from the Kit for Small Areas and start at the lowest treatment level. Place no!no!™ gently against your skin. Glide no!no!, side-ways or in an upward motion over the upper lip. You might need to pull the skin taut to treat every hair. You may raise the treatment level only if it is comfortable for you. If you feel any discomfort, lower the treatment level and be sure you are not pressing too hard against your skin.

Why can't I use the narrow Thermicon™ Tips on the genitals or breasts?
These areas of the body are either curvy and/or have delicate skin, making it difficult to no!no!™ 100% safely. We do not recommend using no!no!™ in these areas because we consider your safety to be of the first priority.

Why isn't my no!no!™ turning on?
You may have to recharge your battery.

When should I charge my no!no!?
Charge your no!no!™ completely (4-6 hours or overnight) before you use it for the first time. Do not use no!no!™ during the initial charge. Check your status screen. Recharging is necessary when the empty battery icon is visible and/or the red signal light flickers.

Can I use no!no!™ while it is charging?
After the initial charge, you may use no!no!™ while it is plugged in.

How do I know which Treatment Level should I use?
Always start with the lowest treatment level, treat a small section and wait a few minutes. Adjust the Treatment Level until it is comfortable for you.

What do I do if no!no!™ does not start when I glide it on my skin?
Reset the unit by turning it OFF and then on. You may need to hold the button down for a few seconds. Now, begin treatment again, making sure that when you glide, the Blue Light is continuously ON and does not flicker. If it does, slightly increase the gliding speed until the Blue Light is steady.

If it is turned on properly and still does not start, check the Thermicon™ Tip status from the Status Screen. You probably need to replace the Thermicon™ Tip.

How long should hair be for a no!no!™ treatment?
For best results, hair should be between 1-3mm long.

How do I know which Thermicon™ Tip should I use?
Use the standard Thermicon™ Tips that come with your no!no!™ for large, flat areas like the legs, arms, back and chest.

Use the Thermicon™ Tips for Small & Sensitive Areas (compatible only with the no!no!™ 8800 series) are for treating small, curved and sensitive areas( like the face, underarms, knees, elbows and bikini line.

When should I replace the Thermicon™ tip?

    • When the status screen for the Thermicon™ Tips is blank.
    • When the Thermicon™ Tip icon flickers
    • If you notice that it is no longer working efficiently
    • If the wire is damaged in any way

How do I treat curved areas like the elbows, knees and underarms?
When you glide over those areas, follow the natural curve of the body. You might need to hold the area tight to make sure no!no!™ is in contact with your skin.

Not all of my hair is treated after one pass, what should I do?
You may need to go over certain areas a few times to catch every hair. But don't overdo it. After 3-4 passes, take a break and work somewhere else. After your skin has had a few minutes to rest, return to that area to finish the job.

When first starting, some people use a razor after a no!no!™ treatment to further remove untreated hair. After a short time, this should no longer be necessary.

What is the best way to treat facial hair?

    • Start with the lowest Treatment Level. Raise the Treatment Level until you reach the highest level without feeling uncomfortable.
    • Hold the area tight to make sure no!no!™ is in contact with your skin.
    • Press lightly against the skin. Avoid excess pressure.

How should I buff my face?

    • Use the small enclosed Buffer.
    • Use a clean, fresh Buffer
    • Buff lightly against the skin. Avoid excess pressure.

I would prefer not to use the Buffer on my face, what should I do instead?
If you choose not to use the Buffer, use an exfoliating cream to remove crystallized hair.