How To Use no!no! Hair

Using no!no! is easy and gets easier with time and practice. Follow these simple instructions, and you're on your way to becoming a no!no! expert. For a more detailed explanation of how to use no!no! Hair, please read the no!no! Hair User Manual and Quick Guide.

You can also watch the brief video below to learn how to use your no!no! Hair in less than 5 minutes!

no!no! Hair is safe to use just about anywhere, but some places are more sensitive than others, like the bikini line. If this or any other area becomes uncomfortably warm, work on a different section for awhile. Don't go past the bikini line, the skin there is way too sensitive to no!no!.

WARNING! Do not use the no!no! Hair on the genitals or nipple area.

For extra tips, tricks and how-to videos, please visit to learn how to master the no!no! technique.


The no!no! Solution - Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Choose Tip
Choose the Wide Thermicon tip for larger areas such as your arms and leg, or the Narrow tip for smaller sensitive areas such as the face, underarms and bikini line.


Step 2: Remove Hair
Adjust the treatment level to your comfort. Then glide no!no! Hair over the skin at a right angle for fast and easy hair removal.


Step 3: Exfoliate
Finally, the patented buffer exfoliates the skin while it buffs away crystallized hair leaving your skin soft and smooth.



no!no! Hair

User Manual
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