no!no! Return Policy

Return Policy

Thank you for ordering the no!no!. Our product carries a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product and are within the guarantee time frame, we ask that you contact our customer service number 1.888.525.7580 to obtain a return authorization (RMA) number. We will then issue you a full product price refund upon return of the product. Our customer service agents and product technicians will help resolve any questions you may have and help ensure you're receiving optimal results from your no!no! unit. Please note that we CANNOT issue refunds for no!no! orders that are returned without an RMA or are returned after the Return Policy Period has expired. Your 60-day guarantee begins the day that your USPS or FEDEX tracking number shows delivery. Please keep all receipts and delivery notices on file. Any orders that are returned beyond the Return Policy Period will not be returned to the customer, unless requested by the customer, and the customer agrees to pay a $15.00 Re-Shipment Fee.


Please note that we offer a FIRST ORDER ONLY money back guarantee, therefore we CANNOT issue refunds for no!no! Subsequent orders, or orders purchased from our AUTO-SHIP or PREFERRED CUSTOMER PROGRAM. no!no! orders that are purchased from our continuity programs and returned will not be sent back to the customer, unless requested by the customer, and the customer agrees to pay a $15.00 Re-Shipment Fee.

Return Shipping Method and Refunds

Refunds on no!no! orders cannot be issued without a Return Material Authorization number (called an RMA#) AND without returning ALL of the products from your no!no! order. Please be sure to include ALL of the items in your return, even if opened. Please ship your product order back to us via traceable Fedex, UPS or USPS method to insure proper crediting. Upon receipt of the items, we will issue a full product price refund. For refunds please allow up to two billing cycles for the credit to appear on your credit card statement.

Product Questions and/or Concerns

If you are returning your no!no! product due to allergic reactions or any skin sensitivities, or for any other reason, please call our Customer service Department first at 1.888.525.7580. Our professional customer care agents can assist you with many of your no!no! product inquiries and can provide you with the required return material (RMA) instructions.