no!no!™ Skin Maintenance

Charging no!no!™ Skin
Charge no!no!™ Skin overnight before using it for the first time. For safety reasons, your no!no!™ Skin will not operate while plugged into the charger.

Please refer to the table below to understand the different meanings of the LED Indicator located at the bottom of the Treatment Guide.

LED Indicator Meaning Course of action
Blinking Orange Charging  
Steady Green Fully charged  
3 Long Beeps Low battery Need to charge, but can still operate
Steady Orange for 10 seconds Very low battery Charge immediately, will not work


Cleaning no!no!™ Skin
In order to prevent infection, thoroughly clean the no!no!™ Skin treatment tip before and after each use, especially if used by more than one person. Dip a clean piece of gauze or cloth into rubbing alcohol and gently wipe the treatment tip.

Be sure the treatment tip is completely dry before the next use.