FAQ for the no!no!™ Plus Model

If no!no! does not start when you glide it on the skin:

  • Make sure that the power cord is plugged firmly into the device and the electrical wall outlet.
  • Make sure the On/Off button on the power supply is in the On position.
  • Make sure the Thermicon™ Tip is intact.

What do I do if the red light turns on during treatment?
The red light will turn on if you are not gliding properly. This is a built-in safeguard to ensure proper treatment. Adjust your speed until the blue guide light remains steady during treatment.
Another option is that the Thermicon™ Tip is no longer working, bent or torn. You may need to replace it.

What is the difference between the no!no! Classic and the no!no! Plus?

  • Adjustable Treatment Level for a personalized, comfortable treatment.
  • Thermicon™ Tip status display so you know exactly when to replace the Thermicon™ Tip.
  • Ability to treat facial hair (except for the upper lip/mustache area).

Where can I use the new no!no! Plus?
You can use the new no!no! plus everywhere except the upper lip/mustache area, genitals and nipple area.

How long should my hair be to get the best results?
Hair should be between 1-3 mm, about stubble length.

Which Treatment Level should I use?
Always start with the lowest treatment level, treat a small section and wait a few minutes. Adjust the Treatment Level until it is comfortable for you.

Why does the Treatment Level change once I start treatment?
Once you begin gliding the Treatment Level icon changes to the Tip Status Indicator. Continue treatment.

Why can't I use treat the upper lip/mustache area, genitals or around the nipples?
These areas of the body are either curvy and/or have delicate skin, making it difficult to no!no! 100% safely. We do not recommend using no!no! Plus in these areas because we consider your safety to be of the first priority.

When should I replace the Thermicon™ tip?

  • When the status screen for the Thermicon™ Tips shows the tip is depleted.
  • When the Thermicon™ Tip icon flickers
  • If you notice that it is no longer working efficiently
  • If the wire is damaged in any way

How do I treat curved areas like the elbows, knees and underarms?
When you glide over those areas, follow the natural curve of the body. You might need to hold the area tight to make sure no!no! is in contact with your skin.

Not all of my hair is treated after one pass, what should I do?
You may need to go over certain areas a few times to catch every hair. But don't overdo it. After 3-4 passes, take a break and work somewhere else. After your skin has had a few minutes to rest, return to that area to finish the job.

When first starting, some people use a razor after a no!no! treatment to further remove untreated hair. After a short time, this should no longer be necessary.

What is the best way to treat facial hair?

  • Start with the lowest Treatment Level. Raise the Treatment Level until you reach the highest
    level without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Hold the area tight to make sure no!no! is in contact with your skin.
  • Press lightly against the skin. Avoid excess pressure.
  • Do not treat the upper lip/mustache area.

How should I buff my face?
Buff lightly against the skin. Avoid excess pressure.

I would prefer not to use the Buffer on my face, what should I do instead?
If you choose not to use the Buffer, use an exfoliating cream to remove crystallized hair.

How long do Thermicon™ Tips last?
Thermicon™ Tips last approximately 4-6 hours of real-time use. This number is affected by many factors; the type of hair, frequency of treatments, etc. To prolong the life of Thermicon™ Tips, remember proper maintenance and clean the Thermicon™ Tip frequently during use and after you have finished treatment. Your Tip Status Indicator will let you know when your Thermicon™ Tip needs to be replaced.

I connected the Power Supply to the socket and my no!no! Plus is not working:
Check the ON/OFF button on the charger. Make sure it is in the ON position. You cannot know if it is working properly until it is plugged in and no!no! is moving. Check the Thermicon™ Tip. If the wire is severed or damaged in any way, your unit will not work. Replace the Thermicon™ Tip and try again.